Hooley Performance Agreement

This is an agreement between ____________________________________________________ (organization), referred to as Presenter, and Hooley, referred to as Artist.

1.1 Artist agrees to provide the following service: (number of) _____ 45-minute sets on

________________________________ (date) at ________________ (start time).

1.2 Artist agrees to provide Presenter with Artist’s press kit upon request.

1.3 Contact, address, and telephone numbers and email address for Artist:

_________________________________________________________ (artist’s representative),

________________________________________________________________ (artist address);

_________________________ (artist phone); __________________________ (artist e-mail).

2.1 Event shall take place at ______________________________________________ (venue)

________________________________________________________________ (venue address).

2.2 Presenter shall pay the Artist the following performance fee: $_____________ (amount). Payment shall be made immediately after Artist’s performance.

2.3 Contact, address, and telephone numbers and email address for Presenter:

_____________________________________________________ (presenter’s representative),

____________________________________________________________ (presenter address);

______________________ (presenter phone); _______________________ (presenter e-mail).

2.4 Sound reinforcement equipment for performances shall be provided by Presenter. Artist agrees to provide a written statement of sound requirements and a stage diagram to Presenter. Artist agrees to be present for sound check 60 minutes prior to start of performance.

3.1 Neither Artist nor Presenter shall be bound in the event of accidents, strikes, “acts of deity,” or any other legitimate condition beyond their control.

3.2 One copy of this agreement shall be signed and returned to Artist 30 days before the date of the first performance.

For Presenter:

_____________________________________ signature _________________________ date

For Artist:

_____________________________________ signature _________________________ date

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